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Gay couple supporting sensitive daughter

Wellness for the Sensitive Child

Social-Emotional Abilities

Child self-regulation and social-emotional skills are learned through the co-regulation of a healthy, calm adult.

From societal stressors including multi-tasking and over-scheduling to the impact of technology on children’s minds, we live in a complex environment. It is difficult to maintain our sanity, never mind moving forward in our goals.


Our philosophy is strength-based and family centred. We emphasize prevention and intervention strategies to reduce both the tension in the household and a reactive style of parenting. If emotional challenges can be eliminated, the focus can be on spending quality, loving time with your child.

Healthy children come from healthy and well-balanced parents.

We will explore...

  • Increasing the understanding of your own and your child's coping styles, triggers & emotional functioning 

  • Piloting new self-care and easy to master habits 

  • Useful tools that your child can use when becoming agitated 

  • Discovering  small changes in your home environment to build more calmness and stability

Engaging sensitive boy with pug puppy

Sensitive    Children

Engaged Children

Challenging perceptions and building trust with your sensitive child requires you to examine and ask questions of yourself.

Is my home a community where we all contribute or am I doing all the work?


Have I examined my own triggers and thus don’t get into power struggles and risk my connection with my child? 

Am I reduced to using threat and punishment to discipline my child?


Am I teaching my child responsibility or obedience?


How is my relationship with my child?


Do we still have fun together?


We will explore...


  • Attachment & relationship building

  • Language and its' powerful impacts

  • Importance of relationship, rhythm, routines and repetition

  • Restorative communication and empowering strategies for your child

  • Emotional regulation, mindfulness & perspective-taking

Note: We offer both in-home, office and online coaching and support. We would be pleased to work with you on a customized package. Our aim is to build a partnership. If you are prepared to invest time, we can support you in mastering the strategies to build a predictable and joy-filled environment in your home. It will require time, consistent practice and thus energy commitment on all of our parts. 

Contact Stace & Heather. We look forward to hearing from you.

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