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A Tower of Stones

Stace's CV

Stace Burnard

Co-Owner Cloudberry Wellness

14 Arnhem Road

Whitehorse, YT  Y1A 3B4


Publications & Presentations  click here for listing

Professional Skills Profile

  • 20+ years working with vulnerable children and youth with disabilities in a case management environment with specialized therapists to plan, coordinate and promote inclusive environments from a strength-based perspective.

  • MA in clinical psychology and Registered Clinical Counsellor, as well as experience in assessment tools (functional and specialized assessments including social-emotional, educational, cognitive, executive functioning, language, sensory and career) and working in an Aboriginal cultural context.

  • Supervisor in the Human Resources area, as well as provision of clinical mentoring to colleagues and school-based counsellors.

  • Budget management obtained from MBA coursework, as well as nonprofit work through the role of Director of Kaushee's Place, Mental Health Association of Yukon and Learning Disabilities Association of Yukon.

  • Provision of counselling and coaching to school based counsellors and school administrators.

  • Management of project files in areas of  SEL, health, mindfulness, all of which included data collection and assessment procedures. 

  • Project Management – Led an inter-jurisdictional partnership between Yukon Department of Education and NWT Department of Education, Culture and Employment in the area of well-being and self-regulation for educators and students requiring planning of the project, coordination among the two government and specialists, organization, time management, and communication abilities in terms of documents, workshops and web development, as well as formative and developmental evaluation.

  • Experience planning  and delivering a variety of professional development services. Trainer and workshop presenter at the local, territorial/provincial and national levels; and published writer in the areas of attachment, trauma, healthy relationships and co-regulation and modelling (school administration, clinician and educator journals).

  • Expertise in fostering collaboration among diverse interest parties (special needs parents, First Nations, and public school representatives) from across and within systems, finding areas of convergence on sensitive content matters.

  • Program Delivery – Collaborating with the McConnell Foundation to support YG’s skill development in the area of social innovation requiring organizational, time and communication abilities.

  • Research, developed and provided instructional leadership in sensitive areas of diversity and school health policy.

  • Project lead in Yukon – Wide behavioural change school initiatives including the integration of social emotional intelligence as an essential skill for Yukon students.

  • Committee chair positions on two interdepartmental committees (mental wellness, rural youth development); Yukon representative at the FTP level through the Joint Consortium on School Health. Other cross government projects included health and safety, early intervention, and transitioning to Yukon College and Association of Community Living.


Community Contributions  


  • Volunteer – Reach Out and Support Crisis Line (2020 to present).

  • Board Member – Learning Disabilities Association of Yukon (2020 to present).

  • School Council Member - Takhini School Council (2019-2020).

  • Board Member – Kaushee's Place (Women's Transition Home) (2012-2015) responsible for budget reviews, strategic planning and contribution agreements.

  • Treasurer – Yukon Mental Health Association (2014).

  • Chair and Member – Yukon Advisory Committee on Women’s Issues to Women’s Directorate (2005-2008).




Academic Degrees

  • M.A. Clinical Psychology – APA Accredited, Dean’s Honour Roll, Ontario Graduate and Tuition Fee Scholarship Recipient (University of Windsor, 1996)

  • B.Ed. – Dean’s Honour Roll (University of Windsor, 1994)

  • B.A. Psychology (Social Behaviour) – Dean’s Honour Roll (York University, 1992)

  • MBA – Leadership (Schulich School of Business, 1988)



  • R.C.C. – Registered Clinical Counsellor (2002)

  • B.C. Teachers Certification (1996)



  • Banff Residency on Social Innovation, 2017

  • Liberating Structures (Yukon Government), 2017

  • Human Center Design (Yukon Government), 2017

  • Program Evaluation Certificate (Yukon Government), 2016

  • Trauma Informed Care (Martin Brokenleg, Steve Brown, Risking Connections), 2015

  • Self-Regulation and Mindfulness (MEHRIT, Mindful Schools), 2013-2017

  • Conflict and Communication Resolution (Restorative Practices, & Engaging in Difficult Conversations, Yukon Government), 2011

  • Training under Gordon Neufeld and Bruce Perry

  • Clinical Training Level 1, Social Thinking


Employment Experience


Co-Owner, Cloudberry Wellness, Yukon  (2017 to present)

  • Stace provides relational health counselling for both families and school classrooms.

Respectful Workplace of Yukon Conflict Management Practitioner, Yukon Government (2019)

  • Case managed, coached and facilitated both individual and group restorative conferences

Social Emotional Educational Psychologist & Educational Consultant, Yukon Government  (2004-2019)

  • Implemented and mentored a student service delivery model for diverse student populations for over 20 years. Oversaw and facilitated complex case management to develop a strength-based collaborative support plan involving families, children and school. Complex case manager of special needs students including assessment, counselling, program expertise, and development of support plan for vulnerable children and families from junior K- gr. 12 including knowledge of physical and emotional risk factors for children.

  • Provided counselling and coaching services to both students and teachers

  • Acting Director including human resource supervisor and development of briefing notes.

  • Managed diverse special education leaders (OTs, Ed. Psychs, autism specialists, mental health nurses etc.) to lead them in provided self-regulation to specialized populations.

  • Knowledge of FTE allocation through participating in the allocation process over the past years.

  • Developed inter-territorial partnership and project lead on an Education Renewal initiative in NWT.  Created joint Yukon/NWT northern educational website hub for social-emotional /self-regulation school strategies. Led partnership development, research and strategic planning, training as well as development of materials and program evaluation.

  • Co-Chair of interdepartmental working group of Yukon Government (Health & Social Services) Mental Wellness Strategy; Co-Chair on intergovernmental working group on rural youth health; Territorial representative at Joint Consortium on School Health to provide Yukon Education response to FTP agreements.

  • Experience in developing, implementing and evaluation of policies and procedures to support special Education services in the areas of counsellor, Safe and Caring Schools, documentation etc.

  • Policy development in socially responsible areas of sexual orientation and gender identity, as well as Food and Beverage, from planning, research and development, communication strategy, to implementation including training and compliance monitoring.

  • Management of sensitive and controversial files (comprehensive sexual health, LGBTQ2+) from environmental scans of research based practice, material development, communication strategy, to the mentoring of educators.

  • Department liaison for the school-based counsellors (resource development, training, complex case management, clinical recommendations); Teacher mentor and coach in social-emotional intelligence education and positive school culture development.

  • Participated in interdepartmental program evaluation of Yukon Government procurement practices.

  • Workshop presenter at First Nations B.C. Conference (FNEC), and teacher conferences in Yukon, BC, NWT and U.S (Council for Behaviour Disorders).

  • Coordinated territorial-wide conferences (Threat Assessment, Diversity Education).

  • Member of External Review Committee for school based growth plans.

LecturerYukon College, Yukon  (2006-2010)

  • Delivered college level psychology courses: Social Psychology, Abnormal Psychology and Child Development.


District Special Educator Coordinator, School District #70, British Columbia  (1999-2004)

  • District special education leader in planning, programming, coordinating, counselling and evaluation at both elementary and secondary levels.

  • District representative on provincial audit in special education

  • Provided educational assessments and programming interventions for chronic health, FASD, behaviour and autistic children.

  • Counselled staff on wellness, including compassion fatigue.

  • Trained school administrators on school-wide initiatives including Positive Behaviour Supports, and trauma and the brain.


Special Education Researcher, Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, Manitoba  (1998-1999)       

  • Assisted in the development (needs assessment, curriculum development, and assessment protocols) of an Educational Resource Center for the First Nations Schools in Manitoba.

Yukon Worker’s Compensation Board, Yukon  (1996)

  • Rehabilitation Consultant – Administered interest and career assessments, and return-to-work plans.


Human Resources Supervisor, Allanson Manufacturing, Ontario  (1994-1996)

  • Coordinated the services of all areas of the human resources unit.

  • Supervised HR Advisors (Benefit and Recruitment Officers).​

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