Educator Wellness

Healthy Teachers

How do we conserve and replete our energy when we give so much.  We examine self-regulation techniques to manage and restore teaching effectiveness. We are the models for our children. As educators, we are 'on' all the time. At the most stressful times do we respond calmly or react to challenges?

We will explore...

  • Profession-specific stressors - parents, students and public perceptions

  • Emotional regulation, mindfulness and language

  • Personal energy & optimal zone

  • Routines and a self-care plan and their impact on personal energy

  • Piloting some accessible habits

Classroom Tools

Calm Classrooms

Student self-regulation and social-emotional learning to build respectful and strength-based classrooms are emphasized. A suite of student empowerment tools will be offered to reduce the amount of effort the teacher extends.

We will explore...

  • Environmental adaptations for biological & sensory needs

  • Self-awareness & mindfulness

  • Emotional regulation

  • Perspective-taking & prosocial activities

  • Restorative classrooms with a trauma-informed lens

Sensitive Students

Engaged Students

The focus is on student-centered interventions for sensitive and Tier III children.

Challenging perceptions and building trust with our sensitive students requires us to ask questions of ourselves. Am I teaching student responsibility or obedience? Are my actions focused on maintaining the relationship?

We will explore...

  • Attachment & relationship building

  • Trauma-informed approach

  • Language and its' powerful impacts

  • Relationship, rhythm and repetition

  • Choice within structures and routines

Note: Stace offers coaching workshops either through school visits or via video conferencing.

We would be pleased to work with you on a customized package. Contact Stace & Heather


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