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What people are saying about Cloudberry Wellness


I really enjoyed the in-service Stacey provided for our staff. Her presentation was excellent, she was obviously very knowledgeable about self-regulation and student wellness. Staff were pleased with the excellent examples and suggestions for moving forward in their classrooms!

Dorie Hanson, Coordinator

Early in 2016, our school was very fortunate to have Stacey Burnard in residence for a week. Stacey arrived at our school ready to go! With some guidance from Stacey, we had a very rigorous schedule planned out in advance. From sessions with staff, sessions with parents, teaching 'brain based' theory, to co-teaching in many classes, Stacey was able to provide instant feedback and guidance for us. We were able to use her input to improve upon existing use of spaces, specific plans for specific students and ways to 'grow' our work. The opportunity to watch Stacey in action gave us the encouragement we needed to keep going. We are able to use language that helps to diffuse rather than exacerbate difficult situations, and we have a better appreciation of our own need to self regulate. We certainly benefited from her expertise and her incredibly soothing approach to self-regulation. Thank you for being part of our learning journey, Stace!

Shirley Zouboules, Principal

Stacey visited our school and shared her wealth of knowledge and experience with the staff on self regulation, so that we can better understand and help our students to be calm, alert and ready to learn. She rolled up her sleeves and got down to business by going into the classrooms to connect with the children and staff through observing, and then teaching lessons on how to get into the "green zone". She was generous of her time in the classrooms as well as in answering our questions and participating in discussions. Even more importantly, she also posed questions to us, to make us think more deeply about our understanding of what children need to succeed in their learning journey- about themselves and how they interact in the environment they live. We feel the self-regulation knowledge she shared will have a lasting impact on our own perspective of well-being and self-care and how we help children succeed. She is a compelling presenter and interacts in a way that is engaging and very approachable to both teaching staff and students. 

Katey Simmons, Principal

I embarked on my self-regulation journey a few years ago with Stace. I was a busy Program Support Teacher who did not have a minute to spare and I did not know what to expect from my conferences, meetings, and workshops with Stace. Three years later, I have come to the realization that Stace’s work is one of the most influential pieces of professional development that I have been a part of in my career. First, and most importantly, it had a profound impact on my professional and personal well-being. It has also greatly enhanced my knowledge on self-regulation and mindfulness as well as giving me confidence in my role as a self-regulation leader in my school.

Stace acknowledges that school personnel need to learn how to be better at self-regulating in order to be better role models for our students. Indeed, it is crucial that we learn how to take care of ourselves in order to be able to take care of children. When surrounded by adults who are calm, available, and poised, students are given the opportunity to grow up in safe and caring environment where they can strive personally and academically.

I highly recommend Stace, a great person, a great approach, a great collaborator.

Mathieu Gagnon, Teacher Responsible for the Support Program

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