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  • Heather Dundas

And so, we begin again

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Crocus bloom in spring beginning again

With each breathe we have the choice to begin again. Our thoughts, our habits, our relationships can all begin again. When we slip up, we can refocus and begin again. This is our birth right.

Swami Sivananda wrote that the yogic way of being is to “Adapt, Adjust, Accommodate”. By responding gently both to the world and ourselves we can become more aware. With an awareness of our similarities comes a trust and confidence that we are all in this together. We can all begin again.

It has been a late spring this year in the Yukon. Everyone and everything is sleepily shaking off a long, hard winter. By all accounts, winter tires were up to four weeks late to be changed up; summer shoes were just not appropriate – yet. Crocuses took their time to show their woolly mauve heads to the world. The in betweenness of snow-white and plant-green was longer than usual and it was felt. Seemingly the beginning again was just a bit harder this spring of 2019. But we all do it. At our own pace, in our own time. We all get there – eventually.

Each season is different. Or is it? “Same same but different” is a phrase I first came upon while travelling in Thailand. It became the mantra for all of us. Travellers and locals alike all referred to our shared experiences as the same but somehow different, but really the same. The common chuckle of our similar experiences was released into the world. And it made sense.

When we take to the yoga mat, or step out the door to walk, or begin to reflect on our relationships, the only thing we need to bring is our willingness to start again. It begins with a simple breath and continues with the understanding that we are all doing it in the best way that we know how. For today is the start of something different. Or is it? Trust the process and accept that you will get to where you are meant to be.

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